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 Woof Gang Bakery is a leader in the pet franchise industry providing the very best in pet care. Each Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming location is a neighborhood store, offering gourmet dog treats, healthy pet foods, pet supplies, accessories and pet grooming.

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    At the heart of Woof Gang Bakery is the fact that we love our dogs as much as you love your dog. 

The Las Vegas location in Centennial is owned and operated by Chin Li and Richard who have been calling Las Vegas home for many years.  As you may know from shopping at our store, we proudly provide discounts to Military, Law Enforcement, & Fire / Rescue. 

Don't forget, we have a loyalty program. Also, most foods we carry offer a frequent buyer program resulting in free 

product for you when purchased in our store.

    Stop by our shop for food and treat samples or check out our fresh baked goods!

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Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Las Vegas 

7080 N. Durango Dr. #140

Las Vegas, NV 89149