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We offer the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan from Glacier Peak Holistics


  A Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan is used to identify imbalances or disturbance coming from any body part of your pet that could be contributing to the type of symptoms your pet is exhibiting. The life stress scan uses advanced biofeedback technique to read and analyze the energetic resonance emanating from the pet. Woofgang

We offer the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan from Glacier Peak Holistics2020-05-11T06:26:51-07:00

Where to Find Gourmet Dog Treats in Las Vegas, NV


  Now that your dog is your best friend, there is no doubt you intend to give it the best that life can offer: Gourmet dog treats. Gourmet dog treats refer to treats made in small sizes but with the highest quality ingredients. These treats are the snacks behind every happy and loving dog. With

Where to Find Gourmet Dog Treats in Las Vegas, NV2020-05-11T06:26:41-07:00

The Benefits of High Quality Dog Food


  The Benefits of High-Quality Dog Food Dogs serve as our pets, and we love spending ample time walking or playing with them. Dogs, just like human beings, deserve to be taken care of by feeding them with highly nutritious food. This is to ensure they grow to be healthy and robust hence enabling our

The Benefits of High Quality Dog Food2020-05-11T06:26:36-07:00

Why Dog Grooming is Important


  Many people don't realize that simply brushing their dogs hair once a week is not enough, and they have the misconception that grooming their pets is unnecessary. They are wrong because it's necessary to groom your dogs to make sure they are physically healthy and clean. This will eliminate ticks, fleas, heeding and will

Why Dog Grooming is Important2020-05-11T06:26:32-07:00

Is it a good idea to use human shampoo on your dog?


  Using human shampoo for your dog is something you should never do. Doing so places your dog’s health in severe danger, so it's important to educate yourself about the alternatives to using human shampoo for your canine.   It isn't always practical to get out the garden hose to clean your canine after months

Is it a good idea to use human shampoo on your dog?2020-02-17T16:22:44-08:00

Grooming Your Pet in 2020


  Grooming Your Pet in 2020 Grooming your pet is important. It is vital to make sure that your dog’s coat does not get matted, as well as getting rid of any dandruff, dirt, and dead hair. Brushing is also important in terms of stimulating the natural oils in the fur and skin, which helps

Grooming Your Pet in 20202020-01-16T09:09:24-08:00

How to Care For Your Dog’s Nails


Much like us, dogs also have nails that may need to be trimmed. Taking care of them requires a bit of experience and deep knowledge about your dog, hence why we’ve put together this article. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as saying “trim them every month” because every dog is different. Different dog breeds require

How to Care For Your Dog’s Nails2019-10-07T22:46:17-07:00

Where To Get The Best Dog Food In Las Vegas?


  Our dogs deserve the best. They deserve meals and treats that they’re all too happy to get stuck into, while ensuring that they are contributing to a healthy life fuelled by good nutritional sense. This often means looking a little further than the pet food aisle of your nearest grocery store. If you’re looking

Where To Get The Best Dog Food In Las Vegas?2019-08-14T15:26:05-07:00
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