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How to Control Your Dog’s Summer Shedding


There is nothing in the world that's better than playing with your dog in the summer. The days are so full joy and rarely long enough even though it's like you're getting extra time. The problem is, all the extra hair feels like you have an extra dog, too! Having to clean up all that

How to Control Your Dog’s Summer Shedding2021-03-12T00:47:20-08:00

Why Pet Grooming Is Important During the Winter


As winter approaches, you may be tempted to slack on your pet's regular grooming. After all, long coats help protect and keep your pet warm over the cold season. Wrong. It is, in fact, more important to groom your pet over the winter, as they are more susceptible to infections due to their long, wet,

Why Pet Grooming Is Important During the Winter2020-12-04T08:23:06-08:00

Dog Grooming Safety Tips


  If you would like to save a few dollars every month on having your dog groomed professionally then you may also have the option of grooming your pooch in the comfort of your own home. Although, it is important to bear in mind the following information that is contained in this article, as these

Dog Grooming Safety Tips2020-11-16T17:15:10-08:00

Does It Make Sense to Have My Cat Groomed Professionally?


  Cats in Las Vegas, like in any area, require vet services at times and their families make sure the provider is a professional. There are also tremendous benefits to hiring a professional groomer such as those found at Woofgang Bakery & Grooming, to enhance the health and hygiene of beloved feline family members. Grooming goes

Does It Make Sense to Have My Cat Groomed Professionally?2020-11-14T20:20:45-08:00

Can Owning a Dog Help Reduce Blood Pressure?


  Unlike any other pets, dogs can quickly bond with people, and this human-dog connection has numerous physiological and psychological health benefits. When these human-companions stare at people, the body responds by releasing a surge of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is primarily responsible for bonding in most cases. Additionally, it also plays an essential

Can Owning a Dog Help Reduce Blood Pressure?2020-11-14T20:14:50-08:00

Safe Doggie Diets and What to Avoid


  While it is often irresistible to ignore your pets' big brown eyes as you chew down your favorite dish, always remember, giving your pet people's food may be doing more harm than good to your dogs' health. Ensure that your children and caregiver also understand that some foods, especially those containing sweetener xylitol, can

Safe Doggie Diets and What to Avoid2020-11-12T18:42:51-08:00

Some Tips to Keep Your Home Pet Hair Free


  One of the challenges pet owners have is keeping their pets' hairs off the sofa, the carpet, and everywhere else around the house. Since pet hair is loose and lightweight, your pet will easily shed and leave behind traces of their coat everywhere they go. If it always seems like every corner you take,

Some Tips to Keep Your Home Pet Hair Free2020-11-11T15:24:20-08:00
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