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How to Care For Your Dog’s Nails


Much like us, dogs also have nails that may need to be trimmed. Taking care of them requires a bit of experience and deep knowledge about your dog, hence why we’ve put together this article. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as saying “trim them every month” because every dog is different. Different dog breeds require

How to Care For Your Dog’s Nails2019-10-07T22:46:17-07:00

Where To Get The Best Dog Food In Las Vegas?


  Our dogs deserve the best. They deserve meals and treats that they’re all too happy to get stuck into, while ensuring that they are contributing to a healthy life fuelled by good nutritional sense. This often means looking a little further than the pet food aisle of your nearest grocery store. If you’re looking

Where To Get The Best Dog Food In Las Vegas?2019-08-14T15:26:05-07:00

Why You Should Not Cut Your Own Dog’s Hair


No one wants a scruffy dog. As well as looking like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backward, an unruly coat makes parasites like fleas more likely, not to mention that it can lead to skin irritations and even clumping if you aren’t careful. For these reasons and more, most of us like to get

Why You Should Not Cut Your Own Dog’s Hair2019-08-14T15:20:24-07:00

Benefits of Dog Grooming


    Your dog is your best friend, and a part of your family. So, naturally, you want to give them the best life that they can have. Professional dog grooming 89149 helps you to give your pooch the care that they deserve. Although you can groom your dog at home, going to a professional

Benefits of Dog Grooming2019-06-12T19:26:33-07:00

How Often Should I Get my Dog Groomed?


Yorkshire Terrier Dog Day at the Spa   If you have a dog, one service you should definitely invest in from time-to-time is professional dog grooming Las Vegas. This is something that an increasing number of pet owners are recognizing the importance of. With that being said, in this blog post, we are

How Often Should I Get my Dog Groomed?2019-05-15T18:16:33-07:00

Benefits of CBD Dog Treats in Las Vegas


  Did you know that cannabidiol is just one of the many cannabinoids that are in cannabis? There are some brilliant benefits of CBD for several conditions in humans, and there is research out there showing that dogs are also able to benefit from CBD, too. It's for this reason that CBD dog treats in

Benefits of CBD Dog Treats in Las Vegas2019-05-14T21:33:37-07:00

Discover The Healthiest Dog Treats of 2019


  Dog treats are great. They can be a useful training tool or simply a little reward for a dog that has been very well behaved. However, unhealthy treats can be an issue. They can impact your dog’s health and wellbeing. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of some of the best healthy dog treats

Discover The Healthiest Dog Treats of 20192019-05-08T19:10:15-07:00

Pet Food in Las Vegas at Woof Gang Bakery!


  Our pets are our best friends. They’re our constant companions. They pick us up when we’re feeling low, make us smile when we’re feeling down and give us energy even when we’re exhausted. They do so much… So it’s only right that we take great care of them. Sure, a big part of this

Pet Food in Las Vegas at Woof Gang Bakery!2019-02-12T18:31:10-08:00
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