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Woof Gang Bakery & Dog Grooming Las Vegas is a leader in the pet franchise industry, providing the very best in pet care. We specialize in pet grooming in Las Vegas and the surrounding communities! At Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Las Vegas we offer 10% Military, Law Enforcement, and Fire & Rescue discounts. Each Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming location is a neighborhood pet store, offering gourmet dog treats, healthy pet foods, pet supplies, accessories, and dog grooming along with their own personal offers. Of course, seeing is believing, come down to our pet store with your pet so you and your best friend can experience Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Las Vegas!

Our Dog Grooming Services

Our pet groomers love to help your pet have a wonderful experience with our pet grooming services! Although we specialize in dog grooming, we can work with other pets as well. Our different packages will make sure that your pet gets the proper attention and services it needs to help them feel great. Don’t know which package to choose? No problem! Contact our pet shop for some suggestions. You don’t need to call to setup a pet grooming appointment with us as well. Just go to our online booking form and fill out your information and you should be all set.

Delicious Dog Treats and Birthday Cakes

After you get your dog all groomed up, make them feel extra special with one of our many gourmet dog treats. By chance, is it their birthday or is it coming up? Get them one of our delicious dog birthday cakes! All of our goods are professionally made and ready for dog consumption.

Healthy Pet Food Brands

We carry a great selection of pet food brands for you to choose from as well. We take great pride in providing only the top quality pet food brands that we believe will help keep your pets nice and healthy. Some brands we carry are Taste of the Wild, SmartBones, and Primal Pet Foods! For a complete list of the brands we offer, visit our pet food brands page.

At the heart of Woof Gang Bakery & Dog Grooming Las Vegas, is the fact that we love our precious fur babies as much as you do!!!

Seeing is believing!

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