Should I Worry About Grooming My Dog in the Winter?

Did you know that dog grooming in Las Vegas is just as vital during the colder months as in the warmer ones? Well, your little furry friend needs some tender loving care during winter to maintain a healthy coat. A healthy coat will keep your pet warm during the bitterly cold winters and cool when it’s scorching outside. With pet grooming, you’ll seamlessly maintain your dog’s coat and its optimal body temperature all year round. There are so many winter best grooming practices for your dog. And Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming understands that all too well.

Nail Care

During winter, the ice and snow usually form a barrier between the hard ground and your dog’s feet, meaning that there’s less friction, and the nails won’t wear down as fast as they would in summer. Also, you might be less active in taking your dog for walks or your daily runs when it’s cold, so your dog’s nails will be stronger. Long nails can break, splinter, or chip and cause immense pain to your canine companion. That’s why dog grooming during winter should be a priority!

Care for Dry Skin

Does your skin get dry and flaky during winter? Well, your dog’s skin could get dry for pretty much the same reasons. The best way to mitigate this problem is to develop a regular bath schedule for your pet, and a moisturizing dog shampoo could help retain the skin’s moisture. Afterward, use a moisturizer that doesn’t create a messy, greasy coat. You could consider a water-based moisturizer instead of the typical lotions. Your local dog groomer can recommend the best products to use.

Shorten the Hair Between Toes

Remember the salt and chemicals on the streets? They can stick in the hair between your dog’s toes as you walk outdoors. Your dog could lick and ingest these harmful chemicals and possibly develop skin irritation or infection. Another potential danger can occur when snow sticks in the hair between toes and causes frostbite. Trimming the dog hair between toes is a vital winter grooming technique to uphold.

Regular Brushing

When you fail to brush your dog’s fur, it can develop mats. Matting results from dense knots and tangles. The condition can be so painful, and it can cause skin infections and irritations. If you have a long-haired dog and want to keep their long coats for protection during winter, you can’t afford to overlook this grooming technique. The frequency of your brushing sessions can vary depending on factors such as the type and length of the coat.

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