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Dog Grooming in Las Vegas

You may handle simple dog grooming duties on your own, but when do you need to go with professional dog grooming in Las Vegas? Some of these may astound you!

We dog owners don’t mind getting our hands dirty. Grooming our furry friends can be a difficult task, but we’re up for it. Although an amateur groomer can perform pedicures, baths, and blowouts, every dog will eventually have a terrible hair day that needs the services of a professional dog groomer.

There are a variety of grooming difficulties for which pet parents should seek professional help, some of which may surprise you.

Eye Crusts

Eye crusts, sometimes known as “boogers,” may appear insignificant, but they can cause considerable harm to a dog’s eyes. Some DIY groomers are unaware of the number of boogers hiding in their long-haired dog’s facial hair. DIY snot removal may sound amusing (and nasty), but it is serious work. It can take off some skin if they’re very compacted and dried. It may also cause cuts and scratches!

Pet parents should keep a close eye on their dogs’ eyes and wipe crusts away as they appear. Don’t tug at them if you miss a few and they dry out (you could scratch a cornea). Instead, take out your phone and dial your groomer’s number. This is a job for an expert.

We Can Help Identify Medical Issues

We pet owners want to assume we know every inch of our pets’ bodies, yet we may miss minor changes since we pet them every day. Groomers generally discover a lot of weird lumps and bumps, brand new warts, growths, and cysts. Dog groomers can be an additional veterinary resource. Groomers have seen it all when it comes to things that grow on dogs and know the difference between a blackhead and anything that has to be seen by a veterinarian.

Is Your Dog A Fashionista?

If so, did you know that extra brushing is required for sweater-wearing dogs?  Many dogs look charming in sweaters, but many pet owners are unaware of this fact: sweater-wearing dogs require more grooming! Dog owners should brush their dogs every time the sweater is removed, or they may get unpleasant underarm wardrobe malfunctions. Armpit mats can form and may cause hematomas or cuts during grooming later on.  You don’t have to ditch those sweaters, just be sure to let your groomer know that your dog frequently wears them!

Unaddressed Mats

Sometimes pet parents are embarrassed to take their matted dog to the groomer, but that’s exactly what groomers are for! Waiting any longer will only harm your dog. Going to the dog groomer is similar to going to the dentist in this case: you might receive a little lecture about brushing, but it comes from a position of love. Groomers aim to educate dog owners about the dangers of allowing fur to clump because it can harbor bacteria and disguise skin diseases or hot spots. Serious mats should not be DIY’d since the skin could be damaged, but your groomer can show you how to avoid mats by brushing or combing.

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