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Pet Supplies in Las Vegas

You’re getting ready to bring your new best friend into your home. For a new puppy owner, the first few weeks might feel overwhelming. Preparing ahead of time is a terrific approach to lessen some of that stress! Learn more about all your needs for pet supplies in Las Vegas here!

Begin with the fundamentals.

A collar, I.D. tags, leash, food and water bowls, high-grade puppy food, a harness, and a soft bed are all good places to start. These are the pet supplies that you and your puppy will use on a daily basis, so put them first in your cart!

Choosing Food for Your Puppy

Your puppy will grow fast throughout the first year of its life and will require food that will meet their developmental needs. Keep in mind that different breeds necessitate different nutrients. You can ask your pet’s breeder or a veterinarian for feeding advice.

Bowls for Food and Water

Although this may seem obvious, there are a few things to consider when choosing food and water dishes for your new dog. Ceramic or stainless steel bowls are a good investment since they are easy to clean, keep a consistent cold temperature, and don’t harbor bacteria like plastic bowls. Puppies can be messy, so consider getting bowls with non-slip bottoms or adding a silicone mat to prevent them causing a major mess for you to clean up!

Your Puppy’s Crate and Bed

When deciding what pet supplies you need, don’t forget to include a crate and a dog bed in your shopping list! Your puppy’s crate will effectively become their personal domain, where they will feel protected and secure. It’s a fantastic tool for toilet training, easing separation anxiety, and instilling confidence in your dog.

You’ll need a dog bed in addition to a crate. Like us, dogs prefer different types of beds based on they sleep. Warm and fluffy or firm and chilly — consider your puppy’s coat, as some dogs with thick fur tend to overheat and prefer to sleep in cooler regions!

Keep your puppy squeaky clean.

Even if you intend to take your puppy to the groomer on a regular basis, all pet parents should anticipate conducting some basic grooming at home. Brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis keeps it looking bright and prevents matting in between grooming sessions. Choose a brush that is appropriate for your puppy’s coat type and size. Some cat brushes come in smaller sizes and may work better for you if you have a really small or toy sized puppy!

You’ll also need to bathe your puppy using a dog-specific shampoo and conditioner with a gentle formula. Use a natural formula instead of harsh human products that can irritate your puppy’s skin. However, you should avoid over-bathing your puppy at first because their skin is still sensitive, and bathing them too frequently might cause discomfort and dryness.

Remember to brush their teeth! Brushes with two different bristle sizes are an excellent solution for all breeds. The most crucial thing is to ensure there are no leftover food particles in their gum line. Brushing their teeth on a regular basis is an excellent approach to prevent gum disease and tooth discoloration.

Cleaning Up After Your Puppy

With any new pet, accidents are unavoidable. Although these “oops” moments might be aggravating enough on their own, being unprepared simply adds to the frustration. For those unanticipated situations, have paper towels, a pet-safe enzyme spray for stain and odor removal, poop bags, urine pads, and a pet-safe disinfectant on hand.


By guiding your puppy to tasty chew toys, you can keep your furniture, hands, and ankles safe from bites. Your puppy will be teething during the first few months of its life and will require chew toys to ease its gums. Chew and rope toys are also excellent for teaching your puppy good play manners and preventing unwanted nipping.

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