Healthy Human Foods You Feed to Your Dog

We all love our pets, and want them to be as much a part of our family as anyone! We all feed our pets a small amount of human food. At the table or while cooking, it’s tough to ignore those puppy dog eyes staring up at you. But, some human foods aren’t good for dogs (or humans, for that matter) and should be avoided.

It’s not that you’re feeding your dog human food that’s the problem; it’s that it’s unhealthy human food. The issue is that packaged foods include chemicals and other ingredients that are hazardous to our dogs. Consumption of some human foods can also lead to obesity.

Let’s have a look at the best dog food that is both safe and nutritious for our four-legged friends.

What kinds of human foods may dogs eat?

Cooked Chicken

Cooked chicken is another good human food for dogs. It’s one of the most common ingredients in pet food. Cooked chicken can be added to your dog’s regular food to provide additional protein and flavor. Cooked chicken is a delectable treat that may also be used as a meal replacement if you run out of pet food.


Salmon’s high omega 3 fatty acid content keeps your dog’s hair healthy and shiny while also supporting his immune system. Salmon can be used in a variety of ways to supplement your dog’s diet. Consider placing cooked salmon in your dog’s dish, salmon oil in her bowl, or some of your leftover fish skins in their bowl.


Cheese is a terrific treat for your dog if he isn’t lactose intolerant, which only a small percentage of dogs are. Keep an eye on your dog’s reaction after giving them small amounts of cheese. Because many types of cheese are high in fat, choose low or reduced-fat varieties and limit your consumption.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is high in protein, heart-healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin E, as well as other nutrients. Fill a Kong dog toy with peanut butter for a fascinating activity that will keep your dog interested for hours.

Make sure you’re using raw, unsalted peanut butter.


Carrots, sliced into little pieces, are a low-calorie and healthful treat for your dog’s teeth. Carrots also have a high fiber content, as well as beta carotene and vitamin A.


Yogurt is another dog-friendly human meal. Yogurt is high in calcium and protein, so it will appeal to dogs. Active bacteria yogurts can also be used as a probiotic and are good for your dog’s digestive system.

Keep in mind that you should only choose yogurts that are free of artificial sweeteners and processed sugars. Greek yogurt, which contains less lactose than regular yogurt, is frequently favored by dogs.

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