taking care of your cat

Taking Care of Your Cat

We’re here to assist you because happy cats are clean cats, which is important when it comes to taking care of your cat. A little upkeep, like bathing and nail trimming, goes a long way. Continue reading to learn how to maintain the cleanliness and health of your cat’s eyes, ears, teeth, skin, and fur. Please be aware that some cats do not like to be groomed. Make an appointment with a professional groomer at Woof Gang in Las Vegas to get your cat groomed if your cat opposes the grooming procedure and there is a chance that you or your cat could sustain an injury.

How to Bathe Your Cat

Your meticulous cat is well-equipped to take care of her own hair care requirements thanks to her built-in grooming equipment (tongue and teeth). But you might need to give her a wash if she is extremely unclean or if she gets into something nasty or sticky. To ensure the least amount of stress and maximum effectiveness, follow these instructions.

Using Cat Brushes

When you brush your cat, you assist to remove skin flakes and increase blood flow, which improves the general health of her skin in addition to removing dirt, grease, and dead hair from her coat. Kitty will benefit from one or two weekly brushings to maintain her radiant health, and you’ll find that regular treatments are especially helpful as your cat ages and loses the ability to properly groom herself.

Skin Issues

The state of your cat’s skin is a good indicator of how healthy she is overall. Your cat may react to a skin issue by excessively scratching, chewing, and/or licking. Your cat’s skin may be being affected by a variety of factors, including external parasites, allergies, seasonal changes, stress, or a combination of these. These factors should be looked into. One of the most frequent reasons pet owners seek veterinary care is for skin issues.


Dead hair is naturally lost by shedding in cats. Indoor cats may slough at any time of year. Keeping your cat groomed on a regular basis and vacuuming up hair from your home should reduce the annoyance of shedding. However, if your cat has bald spots on its fur or has lost a lot of hair, a veterinarian should be consulted as the underlying cause may be a health issue.

Ear Care

Even if your cat may be able to hear the sound of a treat bag being opened from another room in the house, they may use some assistance keeping themselves clean. Having your cat’s ears checked once a week for wax, dirt, and infections will keep those sonar detectors on the ball and ready to pick up your every move.

Nail and Paw Care

Healthy Paws

To scratch, climb, and perform their renowned acrobatic landings, cats need healthy feet. Because of this, it’s crucial to periodically check your cat’s paws for wounds and clean them.

Nail Care

Does your cat leave when you use the clippers? Is it necessary to cover her in a towel before giving her a manicure? To get your cat to unwind while you trim, follow these instructions.

Oral Health

Your cat requires healthy gums and clean, precise teeth. Numerous health hazards for cats can result from damage to the tongue, teeth, palate, and gums, but these can be avoided with routine home check-ups and some good, old-fashioned brushing.

Eye Care

A thorough eye examination at home right before grooming will alert you to any tearing, crust, cloudiness, or inflammation that could signify a health issue. Here are some quick ideas to maintain your cat’s eyes healthy and bright.

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