We offer the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan from Glacier Peak Holistics

A Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan is used to identify imbalances or disturbance coming from any body part of your pet that could be contributing to the type of symptoms your pet is exhibiting. The life stress scan uses advanced biofeedback technique to read and analyze the energetic resonance emanating from the pet. Woofgang Bakery & Grooming Las Vegas administers the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan from Glacier Peak Holistics.

A Life Stress Scan from Glacier Peak Holistics is not invasive in any way. At Woofgang Bakery & Grooming Las Vegas, we only require a sample of hair and saliva from the pet. This test can identify up to 300 food and environmental factors disturbing your pet’s energy balance.

Below are 4 reasons why you need to get your pet tested with a Life Stress Scan from Glacier Peak Holistics.

Prevention Strategy.

Once your pet gets a Life Stress Scan, you will know the food and environmental factors that are affecting your dog. Consequently, you will be able to feed them with foods that are safe and try to create a more conducive environment. As it has always been, there is never a better health approach than prevention. Keeping all unfriendly factors at bay will see you enjoy happier days with your pet and off course, save on health-related costs.

Early Detection of Illness

It is easy for pets to live normally with a disease or illness without you knowing. Getting your dog or cat tested in time will save you the trauma of late realization when the condition could be irreversible or even life-threatening. The Life Stress Scan from Glacier Peak Holistics is designed to detect illness in the earliest stages. If your dog or cat is older, it is even more reason to get it tested by Woofgang Bakery & Grooming Las Vegas because generally, older animals are more at risk of contracting illnesses.

Pet Health Monitoring

Wellness tests are best done regularly. Regular testing helps you detect any minor changes that may signal the onset of an illness, existing condition, or deterioration for early intervention. If your pet is aging or has some health concerns, it is even more vital that you schedule regular checkups to make sure everything is fine. Pass by Woofgang Bakery & Grooming Las Vegas after your pet’s vaccination and let us test your dog or cat and compare the results with the previous ones.

Determine The Need for Additional Care.

A Life Stress Scan for your dog will help you determine if you are giving enough attention. Depending on the outcome of the results, you will know if your dog needs additional care or what you are offering is enough. Woofgang Bakery & Grooming Las Vegas will help recommend some healthy snacks from our bakery that can help your pet! We can also give it perfect grooming that will boost its health.

Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan is a complimentary test and does not replace the old allergy testing methods. It is, however, an excellent holistic and integrative approach that effectively helps your pet in the best and friendliest way. You can choose to purchase the scan kit and submit the samples. We provide quick test results to help you make timely decisions on your pet’s health and always ready to guide you through.

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