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Some Tips to Keep Your Home Pet Hair Free

One of the challenges pet owners have is keeping their pets’ hairs off the sofa, the carpet, and everywhere else around the house. Since pet hair is loose and lightweight, your pet will easily shed and leave behind traces of their coat everywhere they go.

If it always seems like every corner you take, there is pet hair even in areas you didn’t imagine your pet can reach, then this article is for you.

Here are some tips to help you keep your home pet-hair free.

Regularly Groom your Pet

Since excessive shedding is the main course of havoc in households that have pets. Regularly grooming your pet at Woofgang Bakery and Grooming is extremely helpful in your quest to keep your home pet-hair free. Bath and brush your pet to get rid of loose hair, so your they don’t shed around the house.

For pets with short hair, brushing them twice a week should do the trick. If you have a pet with long hair, you might need to do this more frequently. The brush traps all loose hairs that your pet would have shed around the house.

Also, bathe your pet every few months with the right shampoo to keep their fur as healthy as possible. A healthy animal coat protects your pet from the cold, and it boosts their appearance.

Train Your Pet

You must be wondering how training your pet will reduce shedding around the house. Well, you need to restrict your pet from going to certain areas in your home. This way, cleaning after them becomes easier.

Of course, brushing helps remove loose hair from your pet’s coat, but this doesn’t mean they won’t shed any more hair.

Have designated areas in the house where your pet can play, eat, and rest to avoid having pet hair everywhere.

If you don’t want pet hair on your bed or the sofa, for instance, you should not let them in these areas in the first place. Provide comfy spots around the house for the pet so there won’t be a need for them to climb on the sofa or the bed.

Take Your Pet to the Vet Regularly

Did you know that there are certain medical conditions that cause pets to shed excessive hair? You should take your pet to the vet regularly to rule out illness.

If you notice that your pet is losing chunks of fur, bring it up with your vet. It could be an allergic reaction or a much more serious illness that requires immediate medical attention.

Thoroughly Clean your Home

As we’ve already mentioned, preventive measures can only go so far because your pet is bound to shed hair. That is why, as a pet owner, you should make a habit of thoroughly cleaning your home.

Keep your Bedding Clean

If you’re one of those pet owners who love to snuggle with their furry friend, it’s a good idea to place a blanket over your pet’s favorite spot. This will make cleaning in the morning easier because fur won’t be all over your bed.

Wrapping Up

Pets are family especially for individuals who live alone. However, many pet owners struggle with pet hair since most pets tend to shed their coat. These tips will help you keep your home as pet-hair free as possible. A clean home makes owning a pet much more enjoyable.

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