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Should You Get Your Pet Groomed? | Pet Grooming Las Vegas

For too long pet grooming has been seen as a mark of vanity; something that’s done to appease the self-aggrandizing of the owner rather than benefiting the pet itself in any way. Yet while the notion of pet grooming may fill your head with images of ridiculously be-coiffed poodles and mullet wearing Shih Tzus, pet grooming Las Vegas is as important a part of their health as the food they eat, how often they are exercised or how much love and affection you give them. While your pet may not show it when they bark, bite, shiver and shake on their way to the grooming table they feel a whole lot better once they jump down off of it.  It’s a staple part of their hygiene and if they are not appropriately groomed it may even lead to some nasty health complications. Here we’ll look at some of the reasons why you should get your pet groomed (even if neither of you is crazy about the idea at first).

Starting grooming as puppies gets dogs used to healthcare procedures

The longer you wait to groom a pup, the more likely it is that they’ll develop an aversion to being handled in a clinical or semi-clinical setting whether that’s in a groomer’s spa or a veterinary practice. If they get stressed out when they’re going to get their fur trimmed or claws clipped they’re likely to kick up even more of a fuss when the time comes to get their ears cleaned or their anal glands expressed, yet all of the above are essential to a dog’s good health and longevity.

Brushing makes for a glossy coat

Brushing a dog’s coat not only helps to remove dead hair, dandruff and dirt which can look unsightly and diminish your pet’s appearance, but the act of brushing can help to maintain a healthy, glossy coat. This is because the act of brushing brings out the natural oils in their fur and spreads them evenly around the coat for a thick, shiny and lustrous appearance.

What lies beneath?

In some cases, your pet’s fur can hide a number of lumps, bumps, skin rashes or other blemishes which could be the signs or precursors to a range of health issues. Identifying these quickly can help your beloved pet to get the right treatment quickly and give them every chance they need to bounce back.

Let’s go dental!

Dental health is an extremely important facet of any pet’s health and ensuring that their teeth and mouths are well looked after can ensure that they remain robust and healthy throughout their lives.

It can make your home a nicer place

When animals are regularly groomed they are far less likely to shed fur all over your home. You’ll also be spared the deposits of animal dander that can wreak havoc for those in the household and their guests who may have allergies.

As you can see, pet grooming Las Vegas has absolutely nothing to do with vanity. It’s just one way in which you can help to safeguard their health and show them that you love them. Get in touch today to see how we can give your pet the gift of grooming in our luxurious, stress free pet spa!

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