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Pet owners want to be able to keep their pets fit and happy. But finding healthy pet food in Las Vegas can be a challenge, especially when there are so many brands from which to choose. The best pet foods enhance your pet’s health and happiness, allowing you to enjoy their company for longer and minimizing the number of trips to the vets. But not all pet food available in Las Vegas is the same. Some products are better than others.

Keeping your pet happy is an essential part of being a pet owner. You want a wide selection of pet foods to choose from, depending on your animal’s needs. Not all animals have the same requirements, and so different brands can offer an assortment of nutrient mixes, designed to support optimum healthy function.

Organic Food

Woof Gang stocks organic pet foods in Las Vegas. Organic pet foods have to meet specific growing requirements, such as being grown free from pesticides, human-made fertilizers, growth regulators and additives in livestock feed. Pet food must attain the same rigorous standards as food intended for humans to achieve organic status.

According to researchers, organic food is likely to be better for overall health than conventionally-grown food. Research suggests that organic food contains more nutrients per calorie than conventional food, meaning that pets get more nutrition from every meal they eat. Pets, like people, have a specific nutrient requirement they need to survive. But, in addition to that, they can benefit from the host of additional nutrients provided in large quantities in organic pet food.

Organic pet foods may be better for overall pet health for other reasons too. Regular pet foods tend to be produced en masse in a way that saves on costs. Often, manufacturers will try to lower their expenses and increase their margins by including poor quality ingredients. Pet owners get a lower price, but it’s usually the health of their pets that suffer.

Research in the Canadian Veterinary Journal says that long-term exposure to poor quality food can lead to a host of health problems in developing animals, which is why choosing organic pet food brands in Las Vegas is so essential. The term “organic” is likely to be a marker for pet food quality, reducing the risk of obesity and other metabolic disorders in animals.

Keeping Pets Fit And Happy

Woof Gang’s organic pet foods in Las Vegas are designed to keep pets fit and happy. Not only do the brands we stock meet USDA organic certified requirements, but they also tend to have much healthier and more palatable constituents, encouraging both consumption and long-term health. We also offer gourmet treats baked right in our Las Vegas store for your convenience! Pets need the right food to perform at their best, but can only do so with the right mix of nutrients designed to meet their needs. The best brands are those that most faithfully recreate the diets that animals evolved to eat. 

Choosing the right pet food Las Vegas from the vast selection of brands available can be difficult. Even if you are a long time pet owner, you may not know what is in the food that your pets are eating. This is where our helpful staff comes in to help you choose the recommended pet food for your little one. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

Next time you want to buy pet food in Las Vegas, consider going organic with Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Las Vegas: your pets will thank you for it.

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