Cbd infused dog treats on display

Benefits of CBD Dog Treats in Las Vegas

Did you know that cannabidiol is just one of the many cannabinoids that are in cannabis? There are some brilliant benefits of CBD for several conditions in humans, and there is research out there showing that dogs are also able to benefit from CBD, too. It’s for this reason that CBD dog treats in Las Vegas are now a popular item on the market. It makes sense that they would be popular, too, given that people want an affordable way to help their pet pooch with their pain relief. At Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming on N. Durango, we carry a variety of CBD dog treats to give different options for your pet. Also, be sure to check out our second location in Skye Canyon Marketplace in the coming months!

Dogs have some problems in common with humans, such as anxiety, arthritis and seizures, and as dog treats made with CBD don’t contain any psychoactive properties, you don’t ever have to panic about your pet being too zoned out to function. Instead, dogs react to cannabinoids in a way that allows them to feel relief from pain and stress. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the many benefits of CBD dog treats for your pet.

Anxiety & Stress

Humans experience anxiety and dogs have the ability to feel the same. CBD dog treats can be a fantastic way to help your dog to calm down and relax, letting go of their anxieties. There are plenty of studies out there that show that dogs feel relief from their stress at low doses. The side effects are also minimal – if any at all!

Pain Relief

Elderly dogs are often given medicines and therapies when they’re in pain, but with CBD dog treats, you can help your dog to get some pain relief from stiff joints and several other painful conditions. While we’re talking pain relief, cancer is another illness that dogs suffer from – just like humans. Plenty of research shows that CBD has a place as pain relief and the cell division in cancer cells – which kills them in the end.

Behavioural Issues

Dogs are excitable creatures, we all know that, and sometimes you need to look into ways of calming your pet beyond training programmes. Dog treats with CBD can help you to solve the issues that your dog is going through. Negative behaviours are often difficult to handle when you’re dealing with a dog, but CBD can really help to calm your dog down. Behaviours like barking loudly and fear biting can be calmed with the right CBD dog treats Las Vegas.

You’ve probably read about the benefits of CBD for humans, so it makes sense that your dog could benefit from the properties that CBD can offer. You only ever want the best for your pooch, and ensuring that they are happy and healthy is essential. If you have noticed concerning behaviour in your dog and conventional medicines haven’t helped, then you should consider what CBD dog treats can do for him. Your dog will be happier, calmer and less likely to play up while you’re out of the house. Do the research into the right CBD products, and you’ll have a happier dog soon enough. Be sure to visit our dog bakery and grooming shop on N. Durango or our second location in the coming months to purchase CBD-infused Dog treats Las Vegas!

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