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Dog Grooming Safety Tips

If you would like to save a few dollars every month on having your dog groomed professionally then you may also have the option of grooming your pooch in the comfort of your own home. Although, it is important to bear in mind the following information that is contained in this article, as these vital safety tips for grooming your dog at home could be a lifesaver.

The whole process of grooming is a lot more than what it appears to be on the face of it. Your dog’s cleanliness and well-being will depend on how well he is being taken care of and this especially depends on how comfortably he or she is groomed at home or the parlor. Hurting your dog in any kind of way during the process can cause your dog to experience unnecessary trauma and anxiety. Even though a better option would be to take your dog to the nearest groomer, we have compiled some safety tips if you wish to safely groom your dog at home.

Cutting Your Dog’s Nails in a Safe Way

Most breeds of dogs have black colored nails. If you find yourself in this situation, then you know how difficult it is to establish whether or not you are going to clip too much of the nail and hurt your dog. For people who do not know what a nail quick is, it is essentially a very sensitive part inside your dog’s nails.

A dog’s nail quick includes the blood vessels and the nerve endings, so as soon as you clip too much of the nail, the reaction of your dog will highlight your mistake immediately. Dog owners that are fortunate to have dogs with clear nails will find it simpler to stop before clipping their pet’s nail quick.

As you go through the process, to prevent clipping too far into your dog’s nail, begin by trimming the nail gradually and in tiny pieces. The exterior of the nail is black, but the interior is white. When you see a little bit of black on the interior, stop right there. That is your target point to stop, which is known as ‘the quick’.

Safety Tips for Bath Time – Water Anxiety

Generally, pets are not the biggest fans of bath time. If your canine completely despises having a bath, then the ideal safety tip would be to not bathe them at all. You do of course still have to clean your dog but you do not always have to do it by using water.

Thankfully, there are many products in-store that will enable you to do that. One of which is a dry dog shampoo. It is extremely easy to use, and more importantly, it is very affordable.

Dry dog shampoos are excellent for dogs who tend to get scared when it comes to water. If your dog is like this, you should switch to dry dog shampoo. This will guarantee that your dog does not jump out of the bathtub and injure himself, or injure you.

Safety Tips for a Wash Down

The first thing that should be done to make sure that your pooch is happy throughout bath time, is to keep the water at a perfect temperature that is not too hot or too cold. If your canine dislikes the temperature of the water, then he will most likely try to leap out of the bathtub.

Always try out the water with your hand for the first time before you place your dog in there. Do not simply stick your finger under a running tap; actually, sink your hand and keep it in there for some time. If it is too hot or cold for your skin, then it certainly will be for the dog.

Alternatively, you can opt for a much easier and stress-free choice by sending your dog to a professional dog parlor like Woofgang Bakery

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