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How Often Should I Groom My Dog?

The grooming needs of dogs vary from one dog to another. Regular dog grooming should be done every month depending on the hair length, breed, and coat type, texture, length, and density. More frequent brushing or cleaning should be done at home for dogs that have never been prepared or for young pups to prepare the dog for handling to prevent any possibility of sprucing concerns as it matures.

The following demonstrates how often dogs should be groomed. Please consult with Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming if you have additional questions.

Shorthaired Dogs

These types have limited grooming demands compared to longhaired types. They do not require haircuts unless there is a medical Imperative. In the case of shorthaired dogs, cutting is dangerous as it transpires near to the skin. However, the VCA Animal Hospital affirms that brushing should be implemented regularly to protect the health of the coat and skin of the dog by distributing oils and eradicating debris.

curry-type brush should be used for grooming shorthaired dogs. In case the dog type contains an undercoat, brushing should be daily to prevent irritation. This type of grooming brush functions well in dogs, such as Pugs, Pitbulls, and Boston terriers while fumigators are necessary for German Shepherds.

Oilier skin type dogs should be washed after four to six weeks/

Longhaired Dogs

These types of dogs should be groomed every day and twice a day if one wants to lengthen the coat. However, they can also be washed every four to six weeks with an eight to twelve weeks haircut. Nevertheless, the two handling aspects can be balanced by inviting a groomer after a period of six weeks.

Thick Undercoat Dogs

This category comprises dogs, such as spitz breeds. The species requires monthly baths and daily brushing to keep them comfortable and healthy. You can use an undercoat rake containing rotating tines to prevent injuring the undercoat. Damaging the undercoat affects the texture and growth pattern of the dog.

Removal of the undercoat should be within eight to twelve weeks for easy coat and skin breathing. This also prevents functional insulation loss. A tidy trim is recommended and should not exceed half an inch to prevent undercoat regrowth alteration.

Silky Haired Dogs

A professional opinion by Booker suggests these types of breeds require combing and brushing daily. A greyhound comb is appropriate for this function. The desired length of the dog’s coat determines the haircuts’ frequency. However, four to eight weeks is the most appropriate duration for these dog species. The dogs require frequent baths because they contain minimal oilier skin and undercoat.

Terrier-Like Coat Dogs

Hand stripping, daily brushing, and tidying outlines are necessary for terrier coats. A dog’s terrier type influences the frequency of haircuts due to coats variation. Dogs, such as Jack Russell’s that have a smooth coat do not require haircuts. In contrast, Yorkies with flowing and ling coats require monthly groomer services. A four to eight weeks haircut is necessary for Airedales due to their wire-haired coats.

Curly or Wavy Coat Dogs

These types require heavy grooming than other species. They require mandatory daily brushing and even twice or thrice in a single day to make the coat long. For baths, a groomer should be invited after every three to four weeks, while haircuts require six to eight weeks interval.


A duration close to a year is required for each dog type and family regimen identification. During the time, the owners find the most appropriate routine for their dogs. This makes owners feel like groomers and enjoy the company of their dogs.

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