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Does It Make Sense to Have My Cat Groomed Professionally?

Cats in Las Vegas, like in any area, require vet services at times and their families make sure the provider is a professional. There are also tremendous benefits to hiring a professional groomer such as those found at Woofgang Bakery & Grooming, to enhance the health and hygiene of beloved feline family members. Grooming goes beyond hair-combing and a bath to identifying some health concerns that might demand further professional attention. Their moods change frequently; aloof, cozy, mischievous, always loveable, and treating them to a spa day enhances their happy moments.

Save Furballs from Hairballs

Taking little cat naps is not the only habit that kitties do throughout their day. They are often seen licking themselves in various areas of their domain. As independent as they are, cats do not do as well a job grooming themselves as a professional groomer who knows how to help them live a healthier and happier life.

Unfortunately, hairballs are a natural occurrence because of the self-grooming tendencies of a cat but the good news is that hiring a professional groomer on a regular basis eliminates some of the hair that contributes to this issue. Making note of skin conditions during this process allows the professional groomer to use bath products that will not further irritate the area and offer suggestions for home care.

Health and Hygiene

Skin abrasions or abnormalities may go unnoticed in the normal care routine if a cat’s fur is tangled or matted, so professional groomers are intent on gently removing those pesky knots. The kitty looks great and the family has an easier time inspecting for skin problems. Careful attention is given to trimming nails to a healthy level and allergens are washed away with each visit to a professional groomer.

Furry pals carry around allergens, and not only of the feline persuasion. That beautiful fur gathers dust and pollen that is present in the natural environment around Las Vegas and other general irritants like a highly-efficient dust cloth. Getting rid of these particles that are from the litter box, the breeze coming through when a door opens, and from what sneaks in on the bottom of shoes is healthier for every member of the family. These become entangled with the pet dander; essentially filling the home environment with an air-born allergy cocktail that isn’t good for anyone.

Preventative Care for Kitty Claws

Just like any other family member, cats can experience the pain of ingrown nails. The difference with them is they cannot tell anyone where it hurts so they can get some relief. Regular visits with a professional groomer help to prevent this by giving kitties’ claws the attention they need. Cats are definitely like children when it comes to responding to mom or dad.

They push the limit to see how much they can get away with and usually behave better for other people. Some cats may resist mom or dad trying to trim their nails to the point that one, or both, of them, end up hurt. Trimming their nails is a delicate process and dangerous if not done properly. Professional groomers have learned techniques to calm each kitty and gently trim the nails safely.

The Long and Short of it All

Kitties are valued family members who deserve to be pampered now and then. They bring joy, laughter, and comfort to their humans, and the way they show love is unique to each cat. Their needs are basic but important for their health, and ultimately for their families’ health, too. Trimmed nails, soothing baths, knot-free hair, and relief of irritating skin issues all make for a happier, healthier feline. Professional groomers give kitties spa days that promote optimal health and hygiene and those at Woofgang Bakery & Grooming go that extra step, featuring amazing gourmet treats made especially for pets.

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