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Why Pet Grooming Is Important During the Winter

As winter approaches, you may be tempted to slack on your pet’s regular grooming. After all, long coats help protect and keep your pet warm over the cold season. Wrong. It is, in fact, more important to groom your pet over the winter, as they are more susceptible to infections due to their long, wet, and matted hair.

Why you should groom your pet over winter

A healthy coat acts as a temperature regulator that keeps your pet warm during the winter and keeps the heat off during summer. The aim, therefore, is to keep your pet’s coat healthy throughout the seasons so that they can regulate temperature properly. This involves basic care, which entails brushing, bathing, keeping the coat moisturized, and getting rid of mats and tangles.

Here are some winter grooming tips and techniques to ensure your pet’s overall health and wellness:

Protect your dog’s paws

Keep an eye out for problems such as cracked pads, infections, and irritations caused by low temperatures, snow, rain, and mud. Simply wipe their feet dry after an outdoor trip. Keep the towel by the door and make wiping feet a routine. You can also opt to try out pet boots or paw protectors. A good example of a paw protector is paw protection wax that creates a barrier between your pet’s feet and the elements and is great for sensitive feet.

Moisturizing baths

Longer and fluffier coats tend to mat and trail through mud and snow making your pet messier. Bathing your pet regularly over the winter is vital to ensure they stay happy and healthy. Due to the combination of wind, cold air, and interior dry air, our pets tend to experience dry, chafed, and scaly skin. It is therefore important to use non-drying, highly moisturizing, and gentle shampoos. Also, due to the dry heat in our homes, it is essential to use dog-friendly lotions and conditioners to ease the irritation and scratchiness our pets’ experience.

Regular brushing

A thick coat winter coat needs regular brushing. Ensure your pets’ coat stays in tiptop condition by brushing to remove dirt, tangles, and dead hair. Brushing also helps improve blood circulation and distribute oil. Winter coats are notorious for hiding health issues such as bumps, lumps, and sores. As you brush, carefully feel and look for signs of illness.

Trim your pet’s hair

Unlike common belief, a haircut during the cold season doesn’t compromise your pet’s health. Indoor or house pets don’t need to rely on long fur, and thick coats for warmth like wild animals do. They often snuggle up with their owners in a centrally heated house. It is all right to give your pet a haircut over winter, and if you are concerned about being cold, you should consider a longer trim or a pet sweater. Do not forget to trim the hair around their toes. Snow easily gets stuck in the hair between their toes, causing discomfort and sometimes even frostbite.

Pay attention to their nails.

During warmer seasons, pets tend to run and romp a lot outside, which helps wear down their nails naturally. Since your pet will be spending more time indoors, their nails will need to be trimmed regularly. Once you hear the ‘click-click’ sound against the bare floor, it is time to trim those nails down.

In a nutshell, it is vital to keep your pet properly groomed at all times for their overall health and wellness. At Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming, we are the trendsetters in pet care around Las Vegas. We specialize in pet grooming, treats, foods, and accessories. Call us today and let us help you redefine pet care.

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