Let’s Talk About Dog Grooming

What’s all the Fuzz About?

Yep. It’s that time again. Time for your beloved furry friend to go get groomed. You can always tell when the fuzz around the house (and your clothes) begins to appear as tufts of hair instead of stray hair pieces here and there. Tufts on the inside of wall corners, behind doors, and under furniture. That winter coat is coming off. It’s probably itchy too!

The Skinny About Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is every loving pet owner’s responsibility. Unlike most animals, dogs aren’t the best at cleaning themselves. It never ceases to amaze me the difference dog grooming can make. Especially for long haired breeds like Border Collies and Scotties and certain bouffant breeds like French Puddles. Short haired dogs need work too. Hair still grows in their ears and dog nails if left uncut, can hurt your faithful sidekick and become very painful.

Keep It Grooming

Dog and pet grooming in general are less expensive than most people might think. Most Dog Groomers offer nail trimming for $10.00. For less than half of a tank of gas you can ensure your pet will at least be comfortable walking and running. Your dog’s nails are a sure sign and the easiest way to determine when and how often you need to take your Dog for dog grooming. It’s basically their own built-in timer.

Paws and Claws

The hazards of nail neglect alone could cost you dearly in the long run, and we’re talking hundreds of dollars. Nails that are too long, could also become a serious medical situation quickly. Causing:

  • Cracking and Breaking
  • The quick to grow longer
  • Splayed Feet
  • Deformed Feet
  • Injure Tendons
  • Infections and Bleeding
  • Painful walking and Irritation

Finding Time for Grime

There are so many benefits that come with dog grooming that both you and your trusting animal will appreciate.

  • A better smell
  • Less hair to clean up
  • A happier healthier Pet

Finding the time isn’t always easy, so when you can, it’s important to groom your dog consistently. We know it can be easy to forget sometimes because our pets don’t complain about how dirty they’re getting, but there are always clear signs when it’s time to head to the Dog Groomer.

Look for these signs your dog may be giving you:

  • Your dog’s nails clacking on the floor as they walk or run.
  • Your dog beginning to walk funny.
  • Your dog chewing or licking their paws excessively.
  • Your dig digging more than usual.
  • Your dog pawing furniture and doors like a cat.
  • Your dog pawing the ground excessively after using the restroom.
  • Your dog pawing at tree trunks and other natural materials like a cat.
  • Your dog moving up and down stairs slower than usual or in an unusual way.

All are clear indications it’s time for dog grooming. Spring and summer in Las Vegas are always the hardest on your pet who’s trying to adjust to changes in the weather while losing a winter coat that might not come off fast enough. I know I would hate to wear a fur coat in the summer time and have to go to the bathroom outside.

Try to remember how important you are to your dog and how much they depend on us for everything. You’ll feel better once you know your dog grooming is taken care of, and your pet will be happier and healthier.