How to Control Your Dog’s Summer Shedding

There is nothing in the world that’s better than playing with your dog in the summer. The days are so full joy and rarely long enough even though it’s like you’re getting extra time. The problem is, all the extra hair feels like you have an extra dog, too!

Having to clean up all that hair can become a big job and since you can’t take her to the dog groomer’s every day, there are some tricks to try at home that might solve your problem.

7 Tips for Doggy Hair Care

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Any number of things could be the cause of your dog’s excessive shedding. But making sure they are fully hydrated is a good place to start.

A lot of running around in the sun can lead to dehydration, which also affects the skin. If your dog’s skin is dry, the hair will come out much faster. Make sure they always have access to water.

Good Quality Food

Making sure your dog has a balanced diet with all the nutrients they needs may help prevent shedding. Starting with High Quality Dog food is the best way to do this. The way your dog’s coat looks can speak volumes about overall health. A healthy dog means a healthy coat and a healthy coat may not come out as easily.


If you notice that your dog is scratching more, it might just be because hair can tickle, but it could be a sign of an allergy. Approximately 10 percent of dogs have some sort of allergy. The most common allergies in dogs are:

  • grass
  • flea saliva
  • yeast
  • mold spores
  • pollen
  • weeds
  • and ingredients in certain dog foods

If you notice that your dog is excessively shedding AND licking her paws a lot, shaking her head, wheezing, sneezing, or any other unusual symptoms, make a note of it and talk to your vet.

The Right Brush

Different dogs have different coats. Some dogs have an undercoat, some don’t. Some dogs have soft, curly hair, while others have coarse straight hair.

For whatever type of hair your dog has, there is a type of brush that will work better than others. See if you can get a recommendation from your dog groomer for the best kind of brush for your dog’s particular coat.

Avoid Too Much Sun!

The summer sun can cause a lot of excitement, but keep in mind that too much sun isn’t good for your pup and can make shedding worse by drying out the skin.

If you’re spending the day outside with your dog, make sure there are shady areas where your dog can hang out and take a break from the sun.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be beneficial to your dog in several different ways. You can apply it topically or added to her diet to make her coat softer and shinier, and reduce shedding. Of course, always ask your vet before giving your dog anything new.

Bath Time!

Bathing your dog is a great way to get rid of excess hair in a controlled environment. You can also personalize the products you use to suit your dog’s needs. If your dog needs extra conditioning, for example, you can use a conditioning shampoo or even a separate conditioner.

Make sure you never use your own shampoo on your dog. The pH of human skin is more acidic than a dog’s, and if you use a shampoo made for humans on your dog, it disrupts their pH balance and can leave them vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and parasites. It may also make their skin flaky and itchy.

More Advice

Call Woofgang Bakery and Dog Grooming in Las Vegas or ask your dog groomer if they have advice about what you can do at home to manage your sweet, amazing dog’s shedding hair during the summer.