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Is Human Shampoo Suitable for Dogs?

Using human shampoo on your dog is never a good idea. It’s crucial to educate yourself on the alternatives to using human shampoo on your dog because doing so seriously jeopardizes the health of your canine companion.

After months without a bath, it isn’t always practical to clean your dog with the yard hose. People who live in apartments or who don’t have access to an outside space to bathe their dogs will be all too familiar with this unpleasant circumstance.

Therefore, the best option for you is to place your dog in the shower or bathtub, depending on which one you have. However, this raises the question of what kind of soap to use. Your shampoo, a bar? The answer to the question of whether you should use shampoo to clean your dog is a straightforward no.

An incorrect pH balance

The biggest justification for never using human shampoo on your dog is also the most important one. The delicate ph balance of a dog’s skin, which must always be maintained in equilibrium, is upset by human shampoo.

Human shampoo is much too acidic for a dog’s skin, drying it and making it more susceptible to bacteria, parasites, etc. Dogs need a shampoo that is specifically formulated for their skin. Products for dog shampoo are made with the goal of maintaining the right ph balance.

Canine skin remains more moisturized thanks to alkaline. It makes it easier to retain the moisture that their skin so desperately needs.

They have sensitive skin.

Shampoos made for humans are considerably too abrasive for a dog’s skin and coat. Additionally, some human skin types have this characteristic. However, using human shampoo on a dog does twice as much harm.

Human shampoo contains chemicals and perfumes that make it impossible for dogs to keep healthy, vivid coats. Compared to before, your dog will smell considerably better, but its coat will be severely damaged.

Even though most owners are now reluctant to speak about the harm, your dog will undoubtedly do so unless the use of human shampoo has been ongoing for a considerable amount of time. They’ll become uncomfortable, and their coat will become dull and stringy.

Their inbuilt defenses are taken away

Oils and other kinds of natural defenses are incorporated into your dog’s coat. They lose those delicate layers of their coat when you wash them with human shampoo.

These built-in defenses work to fend off parasites and microscopic creatures. Similar to pH balance, if their coat oils are removed, animals are more susceptible to parasites and microorganisms of all kinds that shouldn’t be on them.

In conclusion, using human shampoo on your dogs is never a good idea. No matter what, Woofgang Bakery advises using specially-made dog shampoo!