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Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday

Your dog has no idea when it was born or how old it is. It probably doesn’t even have a working concept of time. But does that mean you shouldn’t celebrate its birthday? Of course not!

Take a look at some of these dog-friendly birthday ideas to help them feel like a valued and treasured member of the family.

Take Your Dog For A Swim

For reasons unknown to their owners, most dogs love to swim. Thus if your dog’s birthday is on the horizon, why no take them for a paddle at the beach? Or, if you don’t live near the sea, any of the many dog-friendly pools in your local area? Your dog will love an afternoon of uninhibited fun in the water, splashing around and terrifying everyone in a one-mile radius.

Let Them Unwrap A Present

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: letting your dog unwrap anything is a recipe for disaster. Dogs will chew anything on sight, including wrapping paper. But if you trust your dog and know that they are more likely to engage with the tasty treat inside than the wrapping paper, then go right on ahead with the wrapping idea.

Intelligent breeds love the unwrapping process. It gives them something fun to do. Less intelligence breeds – who knows?

Buy Them A Doggy-Specific Birthday Cake

Regular birthday cakes aren’t for dogs. All the sugar, flour, yeast, and dairy products can wreak havoc on their delicate bowels. But that’s not to say that they shouldn’t be allowed birthday cakes, period – to the contrary!

Here at Woof Gang Bakery, we bake delicious doggy treats and birthday cakes, allowing them to celebrate in style, just like any other member of the family. While the ingredients might be a little different from the regular human fare, they’re still totally delicious -, especially for dogs!

Have A Fun And Games Day

If there’s one thing that dogs love the world over, it’s fun and games. What’s more, the number of games that you can play with your dog is enormous. You could play hide and seek, tug of war, frisbee, and find the treats – whatever takes your fancy.

Go Walkies On A New Trail

Dogs love the outdoors and being able to explore with their owners. And nothing gets them more excited than being able to explore a new trail. If there’s somewhere in your local area you’ve been itching to traverse, then take the dog with you. Be sure to make it an event, remembering to take plenty of delicious treats for the journey.

Make A Dog-Friendly Buffet

If there’s one thing that dogs like more than walkies, it’s food. If left to their own devices, dogs would raid the refrigerator and help themselves to all of the food on everyone’s plate at the dinner table.

Most of the year, dogs have to put up with set mealtimes, a limited amount of food, and a relative absence of treats. But not on their birthdays! There are all kinds of dog-friendly treats you can buy from Woof Gang or whip up yourself. The choice is yours.

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