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Where To Get The Best Dog Food In Las Vegas?

Our dogs deserve the best. They deserve meals and treats that they’re all too happy to get stuck into, while ensuring that they are contributing to a healthy life fuelled by good nutritional sense. This often means looking a little further than the pet food aisle of your nearest grocery store. If you’re looking for dog food in Las Vegas, Woof Gang Bakery might just offer the best chow for your chow chow (or any other breed) in town.

The best brands in town

As we run both a dog treat bakery and a grooming business, at Woof Gang Bakery, we are truly invested in the care that we show for our pups. That’s why we’re careful to source brands that truly do keep your pet health and happy. When looking at what to stock, we make sure to stick to brands like Acana, Fromm, and The Honest Kitchen that truly do give them everything they need to keep growing, playing, and showering you with affection.

Different strokes for different furry folks

Not every dog’s diet is the same, we know this as well as anyone. Some dogs have different sensitivities to ingredients, some need a little more fiber in their diet, others need a little less. Whatever your dog’s needs, you still have to find foods that fit their nutritional demands. As such, we’ve made sure to stock up on a diverse range of foods, many of them suited to different dietary habits and requirements, that still provide everything a dog is supposed to get with their dinner time.

Truly Special Treats

Whether it’s for a birthday, a successful day of training, or just because you want to show your dog how much you love them, your pup deserves a celebration. What better way to do it with a gourmet treat designed just for them? We have a huge host of baked treats, bones and chews for dogs of every taste, made with love and care in the bakery. When it comes to dog friendly cakes and other special treats, we can even make them special for you.

Where else are you going to get a bite and a groom at the same time?

Hit two birds with one stone thanks to the Woof Gang Bakery in Las Vegas. While you’re coming in to try out a new brand of dog food or picking up some extra special treats, you can also get your dog the kind of care and attention that they really need from time to time. Our grooming services have been extremely well received by dog owners throughout the community, offering a relaxing, pampering experience that can see your pup looking and feeling his or her sharpest.

Try The Best Dog Food in Las Vegas

Of course, you’re not going to figure out which is the best dog food in town unless you take the test yourself. Come drop by our store and pick up some of our gourmet treats or healthy, balanced meals and just the see the difference in your dog come dinner time.

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