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Why You Should Not Cut Your Own Dog’s Hair

No one wants a scruffy dog. As well as looking like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backward, an unruly coat makes parasites like fleas more likely, not to mention that it can lead to skin irritations and even clumping if you aren’t careful.

For these reasons and more, most of us like to get rid of those coats at least annually, if not more often. And, when cutting time comes around, it’s not unusual to feel the temptation of trimming pooch yourself. After all, it’ll be less traumatic for them and your bank balance. So, you may invest in some essential trimming tools and assume you can do it just as well as a trained dog stylist.

The truth is, though, that grooming dogs is an art. You could even go as far as to say that it’s more complicated than cutting human hair, what with the wiggling and general bad behavior of the subjects. Unsurprisingly, then, self-cut dogs often face significant problems. And, we’re going to look at some of them to prove precisely why cutting your dog’s hair yourself is a bad idea.

There’s an added risk of injury

Dog grooming involves dangerous equipment. While those scissors are potentially the riskiest of all, even clippers can be dangerous when near an uncooperative pooch. You could say, then, that trying to cut your dog yourself opens them, and yourself, to all manner of injuries. You may nip your dog’s ears, or cut your fingers multiple times throughout the process. You may even slip and do untold damage to your poor pooch, leaving them shaking at the idea of grooming in the future. You could say, then, that the risks involved with self-cutting are too high.

The curse of the uneven cut

Let us not forget, either, that owner-cut dogs often fall foul to the notorious uneven cut. Dogs don’t sit still for long, after all, and there’s every chance your entire cut will end up…well, a little wonky. Admittedly, your dog won’t mind parading around the park with hair which looks like a buzz cut gone wrong on one side, but think how you’d feel. Every owner you passed would know that terrible haircut was down to you. Talk about embarrassing!

The only dog cut you can trust

So, if you can’t cut your dog’s hair yourself, what can you do? You can turn to Woof Gang Bakery and Dog Grooming Las Vegas, of course. The fact is that professional dog stylists know exactly what it takes to avoid disasters like these. And, you can find them in spades among our Las Vegas team.

We’re open seven days a week to provide the professional dog grooming 89149 finish which you would never be able to achieve at home. Our extensive experience ensures that your pooch never receives so much as a snip when they’re with us, and we promise; no uneven cuts here. All you need to do is contact us on 702-462-WOOF(9663) to book your beloved dog in today!

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