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Should I consider shaving my dog during the Summer?

Summers can be very hot and if you might find yourself wondering how your pet is coping. Some dogs have a double coated which makes them even warmer in hot weather. Double coated animals have an undercoat made up of dense short fur and a longer coat (guard hair) which extends beyond the undercoat. The guard hair is oily and it keeps moisture away from the animal’s skin, while the underfur, keeps the animal warm.

Dogs require regular grooming to improve their appearance and health. Grooming will also help in noticing problems with your pet early enough and addressing them before they complicate.

Should you shave your dog?

If you must shave your dog, you should seek the services of a professional groomer. These professionals understand the how long and how much hair your dog should have. You can consult with your nearest dog groomer on whether or not your dog needs shaving. Experts advise against shaving animal fur for a set of reasons. Animal fur serves important functions in its body and survival.

  1. Fur keeps animals cool during summer (thermoregulation)

Most people who shave their dogs or pets do it to keep them cooler during hot weather. What most people don’t understand is that fur cools the animal during hot weather and keeps it warm during the cold season. It does so by acting as insulation to the animal body preventing them from taking up too much heat in hot weather. During cold seasons, the fur also insulates the animal against loss of heat, keeping it warm. The guard hair also protects the animal skin from harmful UV Ray’s from the sun.

  1. Fur protects animals from sunburns

Animal fur protects the sensitive animal skin from direct heat from the sun. When shaved, the heat burns the animal more directly and it may get sunburns if it stays in the sun for long periods.

  1. Animal fur is a sensory organ and helps in camouflage

Animal fur is not like human hair. It serves as a sensory organ for the animal and keeps the animal safe from danger. The fur also blends well with the environment such that a predator cannot see your pet. You will not always have your dog around to protect it. In other situations, our pets save our lives by sensing danger way ahead of us. If you are worried that your dog is getting too hot in the summer, a groomer can safely trim their fur to the required length.

Why seek the services of the nearest dog groomer?

Shaving pets requires professionalism and experience, just like a barber does. If you shave your pet, you run the risk of harming the dogs skin resulting in wounds and skin infectious. Your cut may be uneven giving your dog an ugly appearance. It is also likely that you may not leave the required length of fur to serve the purposes we saw above, which may create new challenges for the animal. Dog grooming is not always expensive, If you are looking for the nearest dog groomer, look no further. Woof Gang Bakery and Groomers Las Vegas has experienced professionals who are committed to your dog’s well-being. Contact us today!

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